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Pospi's Journal

URGH. done.
Posted on 21-Nov-2005 09:18:32am EST      

Posted on 19-Oct-2005 12:31:49am EST      

Teleport FX
Posted on 12-Oct-2005 04:14:21am EST      

All Weapons Working
Posted on 09-Oct-2005 11:15:11pm EST      

Posted on 04-Oct-2005 07:20:05am EST      

Beta Testing
Posted on 02-Oct-2005 09:34:44am EST      

Posted on 01-Oct-2005 04:16:04am EST      

Basically Finished
Posted on 30-Sep-2005 07:35:07am EST      

Heaps of Stuff
Posted on 29-Sep-2005 08:15:47am EST      

Posted on 28-Sep-2005 08:37:30am EST      

New Heads
Posted on 22-Sep-2005 01:31:01am EST      

Harder Anims Done
Posted on 10-Aug-2005 03:25:30am EST      

Awesome Animation System
Posted on 07-Aug-2005 02:43:58am EST      

Fixed Cameras
Posted on 04-Aug-2005 10:28:33pm EST      

Posted on 04-Aug-2005 01:10:23am EST      

Website Update
Posted on 01-Aug-2005 07:02:25am EST      

Proper Player Model and Weapons
Posted on 01-Aug-2005 06:02:10am EST      

No More Horror
Posted on 29-Jul-2005 11:52:56pm EST      

More Weapons Done
Posted on 29-Jul-2005 12:47:43am EST      

More Weapons
Posted on 28-Jul-2005 01:03:31am EST      

More Ropes
Posted on 26-Jul-2005 01:52:41am EST      

Fixes and Just Not
Posted on 23-Jul-2005 11:20:23pm EST      

Posted on 23-Jul-2005 07:18:33am EST      

Weapons and FX
Posted on 22-Jul-2005 09:11:46am EST      

Super Mega Bugfix
Posted on 21-Jul-2005 02:12:32am EST      

More stuff
Posted on 20-Jul-2005 06:02:24pm EST      

Good progress, Important bugs fixed
Posted on 20-Jul-2005 05:33:48am EST      

Posted on 19-Jul-2005 01:06:29am EST      

Character Designer Replication
Posted on 17-Jul-2005 12:22:52am EST      

Posted on 08-Jul-2005 12:20:26am EST      

Posted on 28-Jun-2005 03:32:37am EST      

Character Creation Tutorial
Posted on 04-Jun-2005 07:40:46pm EST      

Character Colors Working
Posted on 03-Jun-2005 05:50:53am EST      

Some Sort of Good Character
Posted on 02-Jun-2005 07:32:55am EST      

Character Designer Design
Posted on 01-Jun-2005 04:39:58am EST      

Character Designer
Posted on 31-May-2005 05:16:13am EST      

Character Design Menu
Posted on 30-May-2005 04:36:36am EST      

Network Fixes
Posted on 26-May-2005 04:15:04am EST      

GUI Finished (except player customisation)
Posted on 25-May-2005 08:08:07am EST      

User Options
Posted on 24-May-2005 08:25:52am EST      

Font Again
Posted on 22-May-2005 03:00:20am EST      

GUI Progress and Dynamic Pickups
Posted on 20-May-2005 05:54:47am EST      

GUI Font
Posted on 18-May-2005 09:10:09am EST      

Server Vars, Pickups
Posted on 18-May-2005 12:41:08am EST      

Posted on 11-May-2005 11:42:18pm EST      

AI is Hard
Posted on 10-May-2005 04:19:12am EST      

Pod Style
Posted on 05-May-2005 06:40:31am EST      

Pickups and Movement
Posted on 04-May-2005 11:50:45pm EST      

Movement Code Completed
Posted on 03-May-2005 07:44:54am EST      

Actual Bounciness
Posted on 02-May-2005 12:30:51am EST      

Posted on 01-May-2005 08:18:33am EST      

Player Movement
Posted on 29-Apr-2005 10:13:45pm EST      

Pickup Modelling
Posted on 29-Apr-2005 05:09:42am EST      

New Framework, and Small Site Update
Posted on 27-Apr-2005 10:53:33pm EST      

Pickup Models
Posted on 26-Apr-2005 01:45:30am EST      

SoldatUT v4.
Posted on 13-Apr-2005 05:15:46am EST      

SoldatUT v4?
Posted on 13-Apr-2005 12:22:07am EST      

SoldatUT v3 Released
Posted on 11-Apr-2005 12:03:53am EST      

SoldatUTv3 Almost Done
Posted on 09-Apr-2005 03:34:17am EST      

2D Vehicles
Posted on 07-Apr-2005 07:35:15am EST      

Author & Community Involvement
Posted on 04-Apr-2005 05:39:45pm EST      

Huge Site and Community Update
Posted on 04-Apr-2005 04:50:59am EST      

Forum & Site Update
Posted on 29-Mar-2005 07:44:51pm EST      

uScript Hilighting
Posted on 22-Mar-2005 10:35:59pm EST      

2D Gametype v2
Posted on 22-Mar-2005 09:50:06pm EST      

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