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Chris's Journal

More map work
Posted on 12-Oct-2005 05:17:22am EST      

Map development, textures
Posted on 10-Oct-2005 03:58:47am EST      

2d classic style map
Posted on 04-Aug-2005 07:46:52am EST      

Weekend update
Posted on 02-Aug-2005 01:47:42pm EST      

more textures
Posted on 29-Jul-2005 10:23:17pm EST      

lots more textures
Posted on 26-Jul-2005 04:32:54am EST      

puck texture
Posted on 13-Jun-2005 04:42:32am EST      

boot pickup texture
Posted on 13-Jun-2005 01:37:38am EST      

gun pickup texture
Posted on 12-Jun-2005 11:46:26pm EST      

Posted on 07-Jun-2005 10:11:47pm EST      

puck texture
Posted on 05-May-2005 04:20:44am EST      

invisibility eye ball texture
Posted on 05-May-2005 02:06:22am EST      

Pickup texturing
Posted on 04-May-2005 06:51:54am EST      

about page
Posted on 28-Apr-2005 07:38:37pm EST      

Helmet designs
Posted on 21-Apr-2005 09:35:17pm EST      

More pickup sketches
Posted on 21-Apr-2005 06:36:44am EST      

Preliminary Concept art for Pickups
Posted on 18-Apr-2005 11:22:23pm EST      

Map concept
Posted on 30-Mar-2005 03:36:23pm EST      

Concept Art update
Posted on 29-Mar-2005 09:00:48pm EST      

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