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Michael's Journal

Almost Done
Posted on 19-Oct-2005 07:56:50pm EST      

Posted on 13-Oct-2005 05:33:14am EST      

I can see the end
Posted on 04-Aug-2005 02:26:51am EST      

More fun weapons
Posted on 01-Aug-2005 02:26:37am EST      

Weapons are going good
Posted on 29-Jul-2005 12:39:13am EST      

Moving on the weapons
Posted on 22-Jul-2005 06:02:18am EST      

AI mocks me
Posted on 19-Jul-2005 07:09:52pm EST      

Posted on 05-May-2005 01:01:40am EST      

Object Pickup Part 2
Posted on 01-May-2005 10:21:55pm EST      

Object Pickup
Posted on 29-Apr-2005 11:03:13pm EST      

Weapon Class Update
Posted on 30-Mar-2005 11:23:55pm EST      

New Weapon Class
Posted on 22-Mar-2005 03:22:28am EST      

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